THE OLD TOWNS: Bassano and Marostica



…Add a bit of history, some drops of grappa, the best of local guides and a lot of Italian lifestyle. Then mix, and savour your Bassano del Grappa walking tour!

A jewel of a walled city at about one hour from Vicenza, Bassano is not to be missed if you like authentic local experiences. Walk through the romantic streets of Bassano and discover hidden corners and stories that only local guides do know. Explore the squares, the ancient Castle, the Remondini houses that hosted the biggest typography in Europe, the Museum with the masterpieces by the sculptor Antonio Canova.
Eventually, take a walk with your Guide on the Old Bridge, have a grappa tasting, or try the classic Bassanese aperitif: the famous mezzo e mezzo by Nardini.

Look at the river Brenta crossing the medieval village and see the Grappa Mount, listen to the stories of a place that was a crucial battlefield during World War I and World War II.

Bassano is also a gourmet and fine shopping destination: don’t leave without tasting the local asparagus, mushrooms, salami and other exquisite specialties. Try hats and look for the best stationery, antiques, coffee and tea, pens, food, wine, spirits and much more. Ask our guides for the best addresses!

To taste excellent grappas and see how the distillation process works, ask to include a visit to a distillery and a guided tasting in the itinerary.

After seeing how it’s made, nobody can resist the scent of grappa!








Located just 15 minutes from Bassano, Marostica is a small walled town, world renown for its Chess Square. Here, every two years a very special chess game is played with human pawns wearing Renaissance-style clothing: a show not to be missed!

The village is guarded by the walls of two fascinating medieval castles. With your Vicenza tour guide you will discover the legends, the fights and the loves that made this amazing place famous.


Marostica is also the city of cherries: here everything turns red, from fruits, to liqueurs, to marmalade and cakes. Don’t miss the sweetest and most romantic itinerary in the whole Veneto region.


And if you come to Marostica or Bassano, don’t forget to visit Vicenza and the Palladian Villas!

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