VICENZA: the Palladian city

A stroll in the Old Town

Do not miss one of our most fascinating and sought-after tours: explore the centre of Vicenza!

Walk through the streets and squares of the old town and discover the architectures of Andrea Palladio, undoubtedly one of the greatest geniuses of the Italian Renaissance.


The itinerary

Take a walking tour with your Vicenza Tour Guide and, among the many creations that are sprinkled all over this art city, you will get to know the most ancient surviving indoor theatre in the world: the Teatro Olimpico by Andrea Palladio. Let then yourself be amazed by the colors and light of Giovanni Bellini and Paolo Veronese’s paintings in the church of Santa Corona. Stay in awe while listening to the many stories of Palazzo Chiericati and of all the other Palladian houses in town.

Eventually, with your guide you will enter Piazza dei Signori. The world-renown main square of Vicenza is embellished by two huge Palladian public buildings: the Loggia del Capitaniato and the Basilica Palladiana. This is a very lively area, where the weekly market also takes place, and where the locals relax when it is time for their favorite aperitif: the spritz.

This tour is a real immersion in the quintessential Renaissance atmosphere that you can still breathe in Vicenza.


Palladio and much more…

Vicenza, however, is not only its architecture and works of art: stories of passions and romantic adventures will relive during the guided tour, as every stopover can tell funny trivia and provide insights into the local life, that only people who live here know and that you cannot find in books and mobile apps.

Enter Vicenza’s lively and refined lifestyle: at the end of the tour, its delicious typical dishes and irresistible wines wait for you.


Have a whole day at your disposal? Combine the above tour with an experience at the Venetian Villas or in Bassano del Grappa!


Here’s why you shouldn’t miss Vicenza during your Italian trip:


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