VICENZA: the Palaces


Discover the Palladio Museum with the experts


Visit with us the richest Palladian house ever designed in Vicenza: Palazzo Barbaran Da Porto, which now treasures the Palladio Museum.

Follow your Agta guide and unlock the mind of the great architect: Palladio‘s drawings, books and models of his buildings are all on exhibit, just to show his unique and at the same time most imitated style.

Palazzo Barbara da Porto is not only the house of the Palladio Museum, but also the headquarters of the Andrea Palladio International Center for Architecture Studies (aka CISA), which is a point of reference for the architects and scholars from all the world.

During our tour, you will have the opportunity of exploring the permanent collection in deep, together with any temporary exhibitions that may be on display.


Not to be missed: Palazzo Chiericati


Palazzo Chiericati was planned by Andrea Palladio as a private mansion for the wealthy Chiericati family. The Palazzo is worth the visit for its elegant frescoed interiors, its rich fine arts gallery and even for its mysterious Palladian undergrounds!

Here one can both relive the lifestyle of a preeminent Renaissance family and walk into the golden age of the Venetian art. Indeed, the Palazzo Chiericati tour also includes masterpieces by Giambattista Tiepolo, Paolo Veronese, Jacopo Tintoretto, Hans Memling, Antoon Van Dyck and many others.

And…..remember to descend the dungeon and experience the kids tour into the tunnels. Below the ancient vaults of the archeological area of the house, the marvellous vintage toys’ collection of the palace welcomes visitors of any age. Hundreds of miniature armies, rare dioramas, warships and trains wait for you to create fantastic stories and fictional travels.




Not only Palladio: the Leoni-Montanari Gallery


Palazzo Leoni Montanari is a breathtaking, one-of-a-kind private Baroque estate, providing a very high level visiting experience.

This place only reveals with the help of an expert Agta guide: indeed, the highlight of this amazing house is its collection of masterpieces by Canaletto, Francesco Guardi and Pietro Longhi.

Into the beautifully decorated rooms, another hidden gem is treasured: one of the most complete collections of vases from Magna Grecia, including the famous kalpis of the Leningrad painter.

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