Vicenza, the Palladian town

One of the most charming and therefore most popular itineraries, is, without any doubt, the old town, on the path of the numerous monuments the famous architect Andrea Palladio (1508 – 1580) designed for Vicenza.
The aim of the tour is to illustrate the history of Vicenza through its art, especially the masterpieces of Palladio, undoubtedly one of the greatest architects of the Renaissance, emphasizing the evolution of Vicenza’s town planning, in particular from the XV to the XVI centuries.

At his death, Palladio left a completely different town compared to the one he found when he arrived in Vicenza, in his youth.
The tour, except in the case of particular requests (for example exhibitions, etc…) lasts no more than 2hrs.30.
Normally the monuments included are: the Olimpic Theatre*, Chiericati Palace*, Cà d’oro (a Venetian gothic style building), Piazzetta Santo Stefano with palazzo Sesso-Zen-Fontana, palazzo Negri-De Salvi, palazzo Thiene*, contra’ Porti and its palaces Porto-Festa*, Porto-Colleoni, Porto-Breganze e Barbaran-Porto* (the ones with the asterisk are by Palladio).
We conclude with a visit to the Piazza dei Signori, the main square of Vicenza with the Captain Loggia* and the Palladian Basilica*.
A veritable immersion in the city’s unique Renaissance atmosphere.